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Dedicated to wellbeing

Healthy skin is one of the greatest assets an individual can have. Our skin protects us from disease, helps us regulate our temperature, and allows us to touch and communicate with others. Galderma understands this. Our focus is on science-based aesthetic solutions for the skin that improve the health and wellbeing of individuals – and help to change the way the world thinks about skin health.



Galderma focuses on solutions for both compromised and healthy skin and strives to make life better for patients of all kinds. Part of this involves supporting the communities in which healthcare professionals and their patients live. Galderma Aesthetics work closely with industry and academia to build a strong and sustainable professional community that can shape the future of dermatology. 

Since 2012, we have been involved with Camp Wonder, a summer camp in the United States for children with chronic and life-threatening skin diseases. Every year, Camp Wonder gives nearly 100 children with severe skin diseases a week away from being bullied or stared at. They get a chance to experience the joys of summer camp and make friends. Camp Wonder is provided free, supported by volunteers, doctors and nurses. 

Meanwhile, the annual SkinPact Awards provide financial support to initiatives which advance the field of dermatology in community leadership and education programs.



A collaborative approach

Galderma’s ambition is to deliver innovative, science-based aesthetic solutions for maintaining healthy skin and to treat, correct and restore compromised skin. Understanding healthcare leaders, physicians, patients and consumers worldwide is key to this goal. To ensure continuous improvement, we keep up-to-date with scientific literature, favour the cross-fertilization of ideas, and promote collaboration across disciplines and departments, and with external research partners.

Result of skin hydration booster treatment on a man and a woman